#project365 day 169: Played this last night at my...

... fabulous* friend's house. Great fun with the right people. I cried with laughter at one point.
I didn't do much fun today, other than be giggled at by some of my students in a coffee shop.

* Of course, all my friends are fabulous. It's just that some are more fabulous than others.

#project365 day 168: I spent today in Cambridge on a course...


... with NRICH. The course was the third in a series of 'teacher inspiration days' for maths educators, designed to encourage and support secondary teachers who want to introduce more rich tasks into their classroom practice, such as those found at

It was only the second course I've been on in four years, and I found it really helpful and informative. I'm hoping I get the chance to attend the first two parts when it is repeated next year! There's also a similarly themed course with a STEM focus that I want to attend...

#project365 day 167: This is Paul...

... He's the bass guitarist in No Verdict* and wanted to be featured in my #project365 post for today. Aww, bless.

* He'd probably also like me to say something about CAM. But I won't.

#project365 day 166: This is an awesome album...

#project365 day 165: I haven't Mooned at you in a while...

... so lets put that right.

#project365 day 164: And I think it's gonna be a long, long time...

... Rocket cow, burning out his fuse up here alone...

#project365 day 163: Sunday just wouldn't be Sunday...


... without some blues.

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#project365 day 162: I spent most of Saturday...

#project365 day 161: The new member...


... of the family.

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#project365 day 160: I've been playing with some iPad apps...


... including AstroApp: Space Shuttle Crew. It's a simple app that contains details of every space shuttle mission since the first in April 1981. You can sort them by mission or by astronaut and see details of the purpose of each mission as well as mini biographies and photographs of each astronaut.

Of course the "suit me up" feature, in which you can insert a picture of yourself into a space suit pretty much triples the appeal of what is already a dream app for any space geek.

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#project365 day 159: Started reading a new book...


... Wrath of the Lemming Men, by Toby Frost, book three in the Chronicles of Isambard Smith series.

I am loving this series so far. It's a flippant, irreverent, clever, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic, ironic, social-commentary-through-science-fiction sort of affair, is brilliantly written and utterly hilarious. In absolute honesty, although I chuckle fairly often when reading funny books, this series is the first in a while that's had me literally laughing out loud.

The first book in the series is Space Captain Smith, followed by God Emperor of Didcot.

All the links above are to the appropriate pages on for the paperback books. They're also available as Kindle downloads at around half the price!

 I'd recommend it to anybody who likes anything like Red Dwarf and the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy.

#project365 day 155: It was remiss of me...

... to not take a photo while out walking today, so here's a photo (of sorts) of the entire walk.

It started at the King's Head (bottom right) and ended up at Lyveden New Bield (top left), a very interesting never-completed country house. We then walked back again and had a very nice lunch (and I a lovely locally brewed cider) at the King's Head.

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