This is me, selfying like a pro. Look at that steely gaze! I'm usually not so very down-with-the-modern-culture, I promise, but this is the best picture I could find. If we meet, maybe you could take a better one for me?

I'm in to many things, and I like teaching most of them.

This page will include some information about me, my interests, ambitions, and what drives me, but is very much under construction. Why not get in touch and tell me what you want to know?



Lets face it, maths is awesome. It's the best subject out there. It's creative and exciting, it helps us to get a handle on why the universe does what it does, and it's great just to play with too. A lot of people don't realise all that, though, and I spend a lot of my time showing people exactly why I spend a lot of my time doing maths.

I used to write a blog called The Actual Maths, but I haven't updated it in a while.
Lets also face it, astronomy is awesome, largely because there's so much maths in it. Space is really, really big, and with something that big it's practically impossible to think that it wouldn't be stuffed with really, really cool stuff.
I'm thinking about reviving my old astronomy blog, Blogstronomy.

In terms of qualifications, I achieved a degree in Mathematics with Astronomy from the University of Leicester way back in 2004.

Teaching, Talking & Workshopping

When I'm not learning stuff I'm teaching it instead. In 2006 I went back to the University of Leicester to train to teach, completing my PostGraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and obtaining Qualified Teacher Status in 2007. I taught secondary school maths for the next few years until I got a cracking* job devising workshops as Education Officer at Bletchley Park and delivering them at schools all around the UK with a trusty Enigma machine in tow. I'm still there as a Learning Manager, but I make sure I keep on working at the chalkface as it's an excellent opportunity to spread my love of maths with such an important story as the backdrop.
Outside of this role I like to keep on top of other areas of maths and astronomy, and I'm always happy to be contacted by anyone who'd like me to look at a particular topic and see what I can come up with!


More to come here...

* Pun very much intended

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