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Hi folks,

I have in idea for a post I'm going to make in the nearish future, but before I try it, I need to learn some new skillz.

The poll below is, on the face of it, pointless. But by filling it in, you'll be helping me to test something I'm trying to do which could, if successful lead to a larger, more pointful project. So please take part in the short poll below- you'll be doing your bit to further the ICT education of one young man!

Here is the form:

And here should be the results so far (you might have to refresh to see the effect of your vote...):

And a bit more info for anyone who's interested:

The 'project' alluded to is probably not very important to anyone at all, but may well be of interest to a certain set of popular music fans. The idea has come from a conversation with a friend of mine who is afflicted with similar musical tastes to myself.
The poll and chart above are part of how I hope to complete this mini-project. They are linked to a google documents spreadsheet so that I can have the raw data at hand whilst displaying up to date results graphically in my blog with no extra effort. Many thanks go to the author of this blog post for providing me with the know-how!


  1. Surly that could be done with some simple VBA instead?

  2. If I had any clue what that meant I might well agree with you!

  3. I voted "Spoon". It seems everyone else did as well though. Does that mean that I'm typical of the voting population?

  4. I went for spoon too, clearly any connection with food is altogether to much of a draw for the average person to bypass!

  5. For anyone who comes to this post from now on... the 'project' I mentioned is collecting responses here: Every little helps!


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