Ma's Corsetry

My mum's trying to start up a corset business, and she's made a few, one of which was modelled by Vicke, my brother's girlfriend, earlier. I had my camera with me, so took the chance to grab a couple of snaps. I've sent the half decent ones to my mum, but I quite liked this shot of Vicke's head in the background, with her blurry back in the foreground.

I still haven't had a chance to properly play with the new lens.

New Lens - 55-200mm Nikkor

It was my birthday on Wednesday* and Emma kindly furnished me with a brand-spanking-new lens for my camera. It's a 55-200mm Nikkor lens, for those of a cameraly disposition, or something a bit zoomier than before for those who aren't. I haven't had much of a chance to play with it, but I took a couple of experimental snaps whilst my old Mathssive buddies (including Neil) were here on a surprise birthday visitation, by which I was considerably heartwarmed after a pretty rubbish birthday week.

Beth's classroom. I particularly like the Evil-Teacher-Prince-With-Aspirations-Of-World-Domination's enormous, silent and thoroughly terrifying pet duckling. It has a mouth below its beak, but you can't see that here.
Neil was taking photos of me taking photos of him taking photos of me taking photos of him. There was a moment in which we thought this may set up an infinite recursion solved only by the Universe devouring itself, but this turned out to be an unfounded worry and everything was o.k in the end.
One thing I hadn't thought of, but strikes me as completely obvious with hindsight, is that with a zoomier lens it appears that I need slower shutter speeds with all other things being equal compared to my other kit lens. I'm looking forward to being able to try it out on more suitable subjects**!

* 30, if you're interested. No, I didn't have a good time, but I did find out how old I'd be elsewhere in the Solar System.
** This does not extend to privately holidaying members of the British Royal Family.

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