Top 10 Cartunes: Introduction

They don't make 'em like they used to.

For me a decent TV theme tune tells you something about the show to come. Maybe this is explicit, including a spoken description of the series' premise or a visual montage of its beginnings; maybe it's implicit in the theme and mood of the music itself, and maybe it includes a song with lyrics that relate directly to the show and its themes.

It may be that I'm just getting old, but kids' TV shows today don't seem to have this aspect sorted to the same degree of success that shows in the 80s (when I was growing up) and the 90s (when I was growing up a bit more) seemed to.

So over the next few posts I will be playing you my top 10 kids TV theme tunes. The title, 'Cartunes', is a contraction of 'Cartoon Theme Tunes', but I suspect that these won't all be cartoons- the theme is retro kids' TV in general.

And so this isn't a completely wordy post, here's a video from Youtuber FreddeGedde, who's produced a number of really entertaining and imaginative musical videos on the subject of TV themes:

As we go along, feel free to comment or tweet @TeaKayB use the #tvthemes tag!) with your favourite kids' TV themes- who knows, maybe they're lined up for another post? If I get enough that I haven't included in my top 10 I'll put the ones I like into a 'best of the rest' post at the end!

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