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If you've an eye for a bargain check out the links below for some of my favourite money saving tips, sites, vouchers and opportunities.

Some of the links below will help me out at no cost to yourself (whilst giving you a bargain or two); some are just nice little discounts and freebies; others contain great general advice.



Cashback Top Tip: When it's time to renew car or home insurance, or you're looking for a new mobile phone, home broadband or TV provider do a bit of research to see where the best deals are and then see if TopCashback or Quidco are offering a cashback deal: They often are. The service and price are the same, but you get a bit of cash - often tens of pounds depending on how much you're spending - back.

Food & Drink



Entertainment Top Tip: If it's time to renew any of your insurance policies and your cheapest price is available through Compare the Market you'll qualify for Meerkat Movies. If it's not time to renew you can get a really cheap travel insurance policy (I found one for about £2) and you'll still qualify for Meerkat Movies! Only do this if you're sure that your saving for the year will exceed whatever the travel insurance policy costs (if you can find something for £2 on it, like me, you'll only need to see one movie to make it worthwhile).




Insurance Top Tip: ALWAYS compare and NEVER auto-renew! Check as many insurers as you can (not all insurers are included in all comparison sites, and some don't appear in any). If the cheapest is available through Compare the Market (see links above!) you'll also qualify for Meerkat Movies (A free 2 for 1 cinema ticket every week for a year) and Meerkat Meals (2 for 1 meals at a large range of restaurants for a year).


Money Saving Advice

Money Saving Top Tip: My moneysaving bible is . It's a completely free website packed to the gills with excellent, up-to-the-minute advice on any financial decision you may need to make, from choosing new mobile contracts to mortages, home insurance, energy bills, and even contesting parking charges. I'd advise signing up for their weekly email to get details of the best bank accounts as well as notifications of cracking sales and other advice straight to your inbox. I get nothing for sending you there, other than the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing I've pointed someone in the direction of a source of financially life-changing advice.



Surveys Top Tip: Completing surveys will never lead to you retiring early, but signing up to all of these sites, checking regularly and answering honestly will see a trickle of points or pennies coming in, which may well mean a small extra treat every couple of months or so. Plus, you'll be doing your bit to shape decisions in various sectors as well as having your say about various aspects of life today. Some sites have mobile apps, meaning that you can grab a few points in all sorts of situations.


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