Your Horoscope with our resident Astrologer, Madame Teakay: Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22)

Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22

Noble and considered, yet a fun-loving party-animal when called for, the first two weeks of December are when your nature comes into its own as the festive season gets underway. In short, you're one of those annoying 'I love Christmas' types who won't stop wishing everyone they meet a very merry Christmas whilst being blissfully unaware that most people they do this to are gagging to lamp them one. Never mind, though, because January's credit card bill will put you in your place. I'd advise sending them a monkey before the new Moon on the 16th so that you can avoid those stupid charges.

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  1. Hey, thats MY lucky Queen song, and I'm not a Saggitarius!


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