Goodbye, 2010

This is a quick send-off to 2010 with a butchers at my resolutions as laid down in last year's New Year post.

  1. Lose the Christmas weightI managed this one! Woo! I dread to think how much I've put on during this year's festive season, though.
  2. Lose 2 more stones
    Nah, didn't manage this one... I think I lost about a stone and a half, then put the half back on again. Since making the resolution I have gone down a trouser size and maintained being able to squeeze my backside into it. I'm fitter than I can remember ever being in the past, so it's all gone in the right direction. Just not far enough.
  3. Get back into playing in a band
    I've managed this one, just! No Verdict have reformed for a New Year's Eve gig at The Warren in Kettering. We also did two 'practise runs' at the same venue a few weeks ago, and there's talk of carrying on into the new year. Watch this space...
  4. Develop some kind of social life
    I've been fairly successful with this, having developed a small but very well formed group of friends out of my work colleagues. At the other end of the scale, I've been away for a weekend or two with old friends and had a bloody good time doing it. Playing in the band also provides opportunities for talking to people who are actually real, and I've become a bit more involved in my own small corner of twitter. That last may not count much to many, but surely you can make friends without having to have them in the same room as you?
  5. Care less about what other people say, do and think about me
    I'm much better at this one, now. I occasionally have relapses, but on the whole I'm happy for people to take me as they see me. I don't often try to be something I'm not, which has allowed me to actually be me more of the time. The people who I spend the most time with are those people who choose to be around me, rather than the people I should be choosing to be around, and my happiness and comfortableness in social situations has skyrocketed as a result.
As Meatloaf may have sung had Jim Steinman written a song for him to sing about new year's resolutions, four out of five ain't bad.

What about your resolutions? Did you make any last year? Did you manage to keep to any / all of them? Please comment below, or feel free to post a link to your own post about resolutions!


  1. Well done, looks like you did really well with your resolutions! I can't remember what mine were last year...I should have written them down somewhere!

  2. I think you've done really well! So what if you didn't lose too stone - if you feel fitter and healthier, that's the main thing.

    I never make any new year's resolutions because I never keep them. Last year I achieved quite a lot though: grew vegetables for the first time on my balcony, and have finally had some sort of semblance of a career. Huzzah!

  3. Pretty good that you stuck to them!
    I'm determined to loose weight, how did you go about doing it? Got any tips for me?


  4. Nikki: Thanks! Maybe this year you should blog about them? I find that having them in a public place (even one that's not read by many people) spurs me on to actually do something about them.

    Charlene: Retrospective resolutions are the easiest to achieve ;-)

    Oonagh: Thanks for the comment! Haven't noticed you around here before... Hope things are going well with you and your hobnobbing with people like Brian May :-p As for the weight loss: eat less; exercise more. That's about it, although I know it's difficult when you love food and hate exercise/sport. I'll do a post in the new year some time about how I've managed to lose the weight I have so far. Keep an eye open!

  5. Well done mate. The fifth one is particularly interesting, something that so many of us could learn from.

    My New Year's resolution tends to involve trying to swear less, which goes into full-blown relapse during summer when making mistakes playing cricket. However, much to think on here.

    Have you got any resolutions in mind this time around?

  6. I swear far too much, but don't really care. They're just words. If they were the only words I use I'd be worried, but they're not. Those people who say that swearing indicates a small vocabulary? Rubbish. I have at least as large a vocab as most people who say that PLUS a whole hose of four letter words on top.

    Resolutions for 2011? I've just written that post, so check back tomorrow ;-)

  7. I resolved to stop making New Year resolutions some years ago and have stuck to it quite well.

    Well done on the weight loss. I look forward to reading your maintenace plan post.

    I managed to lose some weight over the summer and then put it all back on again when we moved house at the end of November (two weeks of eating ready meals and take-aways was all it took). I now have a much longer walk to work so thought I would easily burn off the re-aquired flab but no. Christmas chocolate will not help either!

  8. Haha yeah things are good thanks :P Just started this blogging thing the other week or so (Follow me!)

    Ahh yeah that's what i've been doing at the moment regarding the weight loss, lost 3lbs in a week as I've been ill lol so sucks being poorly but at least its doing some of the hard work when it comes to shedding the pounds!

    I will deffo keep an eye out for your new blog though!

    Happy New year!

  9. Liz! Happy new year, it's nice to hear from you every now and then on here... Congratulations with your resolution keeping.
    It's so easy to put on weight... you spend months losing it, then find most of it again hidden inside just one party.

    Oonagh: I've subscribed! I look forward to reading what you have to say- haven't looked at much yet, but it seems to be a fairly eclectic mix of stuff, which is borne out by what I know of you anyway :-p
    My colleague lost a load of weight by way of a recent stomach bug. He said he was tempted to write his own weight-loss book, S**t Yourself Thin, but thought better of it.


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