Getting Fit & Fundraising for Cancer Charities - Completed!

May 2022's fitness challenges are now complete: the results are in!

Well... The preliminary results are in. There's still time for you to change the final figures by clicking on one (or both) of the images below and donating:

201.2 miles cycled and £355 (+gift aid) donated to Prostate Cancer UK
3,100 push-ups pushed up and £315.00 (+gift aid) donated to Cancer Research UK

Many, many thanks from the very heart of my bottom to anybody who has donated anything to either of my challenges: £670 isn't bad!

See below the jump for the original post:

Throughout May 2022 I will be working to raise funds for two cancer charities by taking on a double fitness challenge! I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out by donating a little bit to one, other or both of them. If you just want the links to donate, click the relevant image below1!

Cycle the Month for Prostate Cancer UK

100 push-ups per day for Cancer Research UK

A Bitmoji representation of Tom on his bike.

A Bitmoji representation of Tom doing one-finger push-ups... Well, as close as he could get to it, anyway.

I will be cycling 100 miles in total throughout May. You can keep track of my progress and sponsor me via my Prostate Cancer UK Cycle the Month page: I will be completing 100 push-ups per day in May. You can sponsor me via my Cancer Research UK 100 Push-Ups challenge page:

If you'd rather those links in text form, here they are:

Why Cancer Research UK?

If you haven't been affected by cancer yet, either via someone you care about or getting cancer yourself, you're one of the lucky ones, but you won't stay that way for long: around half of people develop some form of cancer during their lifetime2, and about 1 in 8 men in the UK get prostate cancer3.
That might sound a little alarmist, but those statistics are true. I've been relatively lucky throughout my life so far, but the stats have started to even themselves out a bit in recent years: I lost a grandfather to lung cancer a couple of years ago, and a friend to kidney cancer last summer. A few of my colleagues have succumbed to various forms of cancer in the last few years, and others still are just beginning the fight. Thankfully, some have had it and managed to kick its backside, and this wouldn't have been possible without research that has been done in the past.

Why Prostate Cancer UK?

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer towards the end of last year. And, well, I'm a man with a prostate and I'm turning 40 this year: The older you get, the bigger the risk, and if it runs in the family that risk is bigger still4.

Thanks for donating :-)

  1. Then you can come back and click on the other one and donate there too...

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