I Don't Like Mondays

Time for Monday's holiday track. O.k, O.k, it doesn't really fit with the holiday theme, but it's my favourite Monday song that I can think of right now.

Released in 1979, it stayed at the number 1 spot for four weeks during July and August, and was written by Bob Geldof after a shooting in the January of that year in which 16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer shot and killed two adults and injured eight children and a police officer. When asked why she did it, she simply said "I don't like Mondays; this livens up the day."

For some reason I can't quite fathom this song reminds me of being at the Dry Dock in Leicester. Anyway...

The video below is from the live Secret Policeman's Other Ball in 1981 - I wasn't even born!

I sincerely apologise for including a song with such a morbid background on a bank holiday, but, y'know, it's the best Monday song there is, in my opinion!

Oooh, and as a special extra treat for anyone who's come this far, I've just found this version filmed in 1994 which involves not only Bob but also Bon*.

As a final thought, I'm amazed by the number of people who feel it necessary to put an apostrophe in 'Mondays'. Apostrophe abuse is an under-understood social disease and must be stopped. Who's with me?

* Jovi.


  1. OMG Tom I saw that performed live! I went to see Bon Jovi at Wembley stadium in July 1994 and Bob Geldof guested to perform that with them. Thanks for that trip down memory lane! :-D

  2. Haha! That's great, and I'm only too pleased to aim.


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