Christmas Songs Countdown: #4

Mud's second number 1 single (after Tiger Feet) held the top spot for four weeks from December 1974 to January 1975. The single's writers took much of their inspiration from the slower love songs from the latter end of Elvis Presley's career. Consequently, this song is often incorrectly attributed to Elvis- even by self-proclaimed hardcore Elvis fans. Here's the promo vid:

And because I'm feeling festive, here's KT Tunstall's cover of the song from 2007. It's quite a different take on the original, but I like that in a cover. What's the point in covering a song if you're not going to change it? May as well just put the CD on.


  1. This is a bit depressing for a Christmas song, but definitely hits the note when your Christmas is less than adequately merry. So not for me this year I am afraid!

  2. I don't know; Em and I were talking the other day about how even songs like this are more cheery than some more recent festive offerings. Take Coldplay this year- how depressing is that song?!

  3. Clearly the credit crunch (I HATE that phrase!) is still influencing our musical offerings! I, on the other hand, say sod financial restraints for a week or two and let us eat, drink and be as merry as Noddy Holder!


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