Christmas Songs Countdown: #0

Yes, folks, the countdown ended yesterday, but I thought why not bung in something as a surprise for Christmas day (though, in truth, most of you probably won't read this until at least Boxing Day...)

We've had the popular Christmas songs, so how about a couple of novelty ones? O.k, so the line between 'serious' and 'novelty' is particularly blurry at this time of year, but here are a few that I think reside on the far side of that divide...

First up it's Billy Mack (played by the inimitable Bill Nighy) with Christmas Is All Around from 2003's movie Love Actually. I am annually ashamed to remember that I think this film is nothing short of brilliant. Coming from someone who hates romantic comedies, that's saying something. The song is a rip-off of the Troggs' 1968 hit Love Is All Around.

Next, here's Monty Python's Christmas in Heaven from their 1983 musical comedy, The Meaning of Life. There's not a lot to say about it except it's probably not suitable for some young'uns.

Finally, this is a little-known beaut from comedian Jasper Carrott. Recorded in (I think) 1978, this is Carrott's take on the Twelve Days of Christmas carol in which each days' traditional gift is replaced with an alcoholic beverage, and his singing style becomes increasingly drunker and raucous as the song progresses. Great fun!

To anyone who reads this:

I hope you have/ are having/ have had a brilliant Christmas, regardless of your personal beliefs, ideals, customs or tradition, and that you've used the holiday season to good advantage, catching up with friends and family, relaxing and generally having fun!

Thanks for reading, and here's to a awesome upcoming 2011!

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