Dream Queen album- the results

For background on this poll (and to add your vote), please go to this post: Calling all Queen fans! If you're viewing in a reader (or on a mobile), you may need to navigate to this blog in your web browser to see the results.

First up is the track listing including the fans' favourite non-single track from each album in order, then there are some charts offering a breakdown of the votes for each song on each individual album. Comments? Post below. Disagree? Add your vote to the poll, and this article will update itself accordingly.

And as an extra incentive to post a comment, how about some ideas for a title for this entirely fictitious Best Of Queen album?

The Track List

1. Liar 
2. The March of the Black Queen 
3. In the Lap of the Gods (Revisited) 
4. Death on Two Legs 
5. The Millionaire Waltz 
6. It's Late 
7. Let Me Entertain You 
8. Dragon Attack 
9. Put Out the Fire 
10. Is This the World We Created? 
11. Princes of the Universe 
12. Was it all Worth it? 
13. These are the Days of Our Lives 
14. Mother Love 

Individual Album Breakdowns


  1. A very very good idea and also a quite good and unexpected result. Congratulations!

    First of all excuse me for my incorrect english. I would like to look for you and for your polls on facebook but -as you can see- my profiles (facebook.com/gabriele.gianino.3 and facebook.com/gabriele.gianino.7) are temporarily [?] abandoned. I don't use to write in any blog at all (they looks like places where people just unload their own frustrations on other people), but I want to make an exception in your case; if you are looking for other reliable polls -as I do- try these links:
    www.aqueenofmagic.com/queen/discografia/index.php [select an album and rate it]
    classikrock.blogspot.it/2011/11/sondaggio-di-natale-il-brano-piu.html [not about Queen]
    www.queenvault.com/releases.html [all but polls]

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. Dear Tom, you're free to not appreciate what I have written, or as I have written it, but I find it unpleasant and disappointing that you didn't even want to respond to my comment, and it's unfortunate because I've spent a lot of time writing that. I also spent a lot of time to read many of the posts (about Queen, but not only) that you has published on your little blog over the past year, and I'm sorry you did not find a few seconds to thank me. Goodbye.

  3. Hello Gabriele. I did not receive notification of your original comment. I don't know why, but it may have something to do with the fact that you posted anonymously, or maybe it was just a glitch. Regardless, posting anonymously implies to me that the respondent is not all that interested in entering into dialogue.

    I try to respond to any sensible comments that are made, but sometimes I don't receive a notification and I simply don't have time to trawl through every post I've ever written just in case!

    By all means make another comment to grab my attention, but I don't feel that having a rant about not getting a response is the best way to endear myself, or any blogger, to you.

    I apologise if you feel hard done by, but in all honesty, shit happens! With a response like that you haven't done a great job of convincing me that you're someone I really want to interact with. If this is how you act across the Internet you might want to rethink your strategies for getting yourself noticed.

    Thanks for a great start to my day.

  4. 1. I'm sorry that you did not receive the notification of my original comment, but that is nobody's fault.
    2. As I've already said, I don't use to write in any blog at all, so I didn't know well how to publish comments, and however I haven't any Google/LiveJournal/WordPress/TypePad/AIM account, and in any case I wrote my facebook profiles in the middle part of my first comment.
    3. I understand that you "don't have time to trawl through every post" but I couldn't know that the notifications system doesn't work, and in any case I waited three weeks before to write you again (and especially I waited for you to write a post, because that to me was the sign that you went on your blog and certainly had read my post).
    4. I don't want to grab nobody's attention, much less that of a blogger.
    5. You don't have to apologies for a stupid problem about notifications, but I think you should apologize for writing your last and unpleasant comment.
    6. "you haven't done a great job of convincing me that you're someone I really want to interact with": I also do not think I really want to interact with you further.
    7. Again, don't have any "strategy" to get myself noticed, I just wanted to do you a favor by recommending to you a few sites that I thought you might like very much (and which I'd bet that you have not visited).
    8. I'm sorry that my comment have ruined the start of your day (on the other hand probably you have ruined my whole day), but mine was in no way rude or humiliating, as opposed to yours.

    I'm a gentle and sensitive boy, and I advise you to be more careful to what you write... because you might hurt someone.
    I make you my best and sincere wishes for your life and your great career, but I no longer want to say anything else.


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