#project365 day 1

Hi blogees, meet Henry Morgan. He's my Mum's dog. He's a seven year old Welsh Springer, and is lovely.


  1. Awww.

    I tried doing project 365 one year. I only lasted until February, but you've made me want to give it a go again!

  2. I only managed 3 posts for the whole of 2010, so I don't think I shall be joining you in this. Good luck though!

    Henry Morgan is a top name for a dog, btw.

  3. Charlene: I nearly forgot to do today's! Wouldn't have been a great start... I intend to do some mobile posts and some with my groovy DSLR depending on how my mood takes me.

    Liz: Henry Morgan was actually the name of a notorious 17th century Welsh Privateer- we are a family with strong Welsh roots!

  4. Hi Henry Morgan! I can see mischief in those eyes!

  5. There's a little bit of mischief... and a whole load of stupidity!


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