Who's there?

This is my Who shelf. Bask in the sadness; revel in the knowledge that there's someone out there sadder than you.

If you have an entire shelf somewhere dedicated to all things Who, please photograph it and show me or else I won't believe you. I'll think you're just trying to be cool.

Or (and I've just thought of this), if you think you have a shelf devoted to something even sadderer, please let me know about that too. Feel free to do it anonymously.


  1. I haven't got it yet because we need a new bookshelf, but soon I will have (at least one) shelf filled with cookbooks. Is that sad?

  2. Gauntlet snatched up and slapped back in your face: http://miss-s-b.dreamwidth.org/1033017.html

  3. Literarygeek: I'd say that was more useful than sad.

    Jennie: Ouch. As posted as a response to your response-post, the geekwar is not yet won...

  4. LOL I look forward to your puny efforts, small human :P

  5. Small is not necessarily ineffective.

    But I take offence at being called 'human'.


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