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Hi folks,

Just wanted to tell both of my loyal readers about the new toolbar that's sprung up across the bottom of this page. The idea is that it'll help you to do certain things on the site more easily as well as (hopefully) encouraging a bit more of a social atmosphere while you're at it. Please take a couple of minutes to look through the following and find out what each bit does. Or just play with it.

From left to right, the toolbar currently* has these buttons:
  • Recent posts: What it says on the tin- it provides quick links to my last however-many posts.
  • Real time stats: Click this to find out how many people are on the site right now. You can also find out other stats if you feel like exploring this feature.
  • Random posts: Click this to be taken to a random post in TeaKay's Blog.
  • TeaKay's Blog: A selection of links to different categories within TeaKay's Blog. Let me know if you'd like any other categories added (you can see tags in the word cloud in the right-hand sidebar of the blog).
  • Blogstronomy: A selection of links to different categories within my astronomy blog, Blogstronomy. Again, feel free to suggest additions to this list.
  • Subscribe: Use this button to subscribe to my RSS feed in whichever reader you use.
  • Share: If you like what you're seeing, this menu will allow you to share it via a number of popular link-sharing services, including Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter and Delicious.
  • Join Community: If you have Facebook, you can use those details to log in to the TeaKay's Blog/ Blogstronomy community and communicate with other readers. Please give it a shot; I'd love to see if it works! Your Facebook credentials are absolutely safe.
  • Twitter: See my tweets and post tweets about what you're reading directly from the site.
  • Join Chat: Chat with anyone else who's browsing either TeaKay's Blog or Blogstronomy and is logged in to chat. You can log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Tinychat credentials (again, these are all perfectly safe).
Please play around with the toolbar and let me know what you think and/or if there's anything you think I should look into adding to it.

* I can add, remove and change all of them, so if they're not in the same place when you come to look at this page, that's why. I'm open to suggestions as well, so feel free to comment.

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