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I don't often take part in internet memes, and even less often do I post them on my blog... but I like this one.

This is what you do:
  1. Invoke Wikipedia's 'random article' function (clicking the link will take you straight to a random Wikipedia article- how nice am I?)
  2. Wave your magic wand over QuotationPage's 'Random Quotes' link (again I've saved you the trouble of having to look for it. Please refer me to your friends and family).
  3. Mystically chant Flickr's 'Explore the last 7 days' incantation (or, as before, just click the link).
  4. Choose the 3rd pic from the Flickr page, save it to disk and edit it (either in your favourite photo editing software, or uploaded it to Picnik) with the title of the first random Wikipedia article you landed on as your imaginary band's name, and the last few words of the final quote on your random quote page as the album title.
  5. Save, upload, share and enjoy.
The usual version of this, as always with memes, tells you to tag people that you want to have a go at it. I'm not going to do that. Instead, if you're of a mind to have a go please do so and comment with a link to your finished album cover!

Here's mine:

Some info:

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