The Royal Mail's idea of a 'safe place'

I wonder when our official national postal service will run out of new and interesting 'hiding' places for my packages. Surely there are only so many places that are in full view of anyone who happens to be passing.
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  1. I live in a flat and parcels are frequently left in the hall outside my door. Luckily people in the building seem to be quite an honest bunch and no one has nicked anything... yet.

  2. I have to say, at least they deliver the damn things, in India you have to pay a bribe to the postmaster just to get your important documents!

  3. Literarygeek: Yes, we seem to have been lucky on that front, too. It probably helps that we don't live on a through-route. If we lived on the main street I dread to think how much I'd have had to have had delivered three or four times!

    Peter: We have to pay a bribe to the postmaster as well. It's called a stamp. The prices at the moment feel very much like the integrity of your kneecaps is at stake.


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