Optimistic October!

I've been challenged to take part in Action for Happiness's Optimistic October (by friend and colleague Claire). I'll be posting responses to the below challenges every day throughout October 2019, and I'll be tagging them with OptimisticOctober19.

That's the full calendar. Feel free to join in at home (and point me towards your own responses, or just post them in the comments, or tweet them at me...) or just egg me on, and PLEASE send me reminders!

October is a particularly pertinent month for me to be doing this as it's a month I've always had problems with. I can be a grumpy guy at times, but October, traditionally for me, is a time of the year that optimism is usually even more difficult to muster. In fact, historically it's been my second-least-favourite month of the year!

Enough waffling. First (proper) response coming up...

Join me?


  1. Im not keen on november to be honest - by then the clocks have gone back and its noticablely darker and colder. At least in December theres social events going on bc of xmas. It'll be good for us to motivate each other...

    1. October's always been bad for me as it's my birth month. December has always been my trickiest month due to Christmas (at least if I ignore my birthday most people won't even realise it's there. Christmas, however, is unavoidable).


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