Optimistic October: Day 20 - Joy in Completion!

I tend to work on the least-close-to-finished thing, which means I have a million and one projects on the go, and none of them are finished. One easily visible case of this is in the list of books I'm currently reading. It takes me ages to finish anything... Though I did finish one the other day, so I'll say that's today's challenge complete!

Also, tomorrow I'll be playing my guitar for the first time in around a decade as I was gifted a Lead Guitar Masterclass for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Excellent!

On Day 14 I set myself some goals and I promised I'd revisit them to see how well I'd done...
Here they are, colour coded: successfully completed goals are green, completely failed are red. Somewhere in the middle are yellow (not quite!) and orange (well, I started...)
  1. From Day 1:
    1. Do some work towards my assignment.
    2. Leave work on time at least once this week.
    3. Go to the gym at least once this week.
    4. Not exceed my self-imposed budget for the month.
  2. Look out for positive news and reasons to be cheerful. (Day 2)
  3. Work on prioritising things properly (from Day 3).
  4. From Day 4, be more conscious of my effect on the environment; call out antisocial behaviour when I see it; be an ally to decent people everywhere; seek out sources of positive news; and to challenge negative nonsense whilst championing the harmless stuff.
  5. From Day 5: read a few pages every night before bed.
  6. Extract something optimistic from the bad stuff (Day 6)
  7. Get on it. (Day 7)
  8. From Day 8, sandwich bad news between bits of good news.
  9. Not join in with that blaming lark. (Day 9)
  10. Look for the good in people around me (Day 10)
  11. Re-frame problems into opportunities. (see Day 11)
  12. Do some reflecting. (Day 12)
  13. Be spontaneous. (Day 13)
There's only one outright failure there... And a few bits of green. I'll chalk that one up as a success with things to work on...

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