Optimistic October: Day 15 - Overcoming Obstacles

As mentioned in some of my responses to previous challenges this month something I really need to do is to become fitter and less, well, just generally less. Another obstacle is professional: I've been doing what I'm doing for ages now and whilst I enjoy it (largely...) there's no opportunity for career progression.

Regarding the first obstacle, I tested that new bike out today. I didn't cycle all the way to work as I didn't think it'd be sensible given that I haven't sat atop a bicycle for any distance for a decade or more. Instead, I cycled to the station (and from it again at the other end).

On the professional front, the steps to take are less obvious but I'm working towards broadening my mathematical horizons: when everything is related to cryptography this pony's tricks are rapidly dwindling in number. With this in mind I've been thinking about the MathsJam talk I offered as part of Day 13's challenge: It's definitely not going to be about anything to do with cryptography. I don't know what it is going to be about, but I've got some ideas and I'll collapse that probability function when (if) my submission for a talk is accepted.

What are your obstacles? If you can't think of a first step towards overcoming them talk to someone about them (me, if you like). Maybe you (we) can help each other along a bit.

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