Optimistic October: Day 9 - Avoid the Blame Game

I successfully managed this one, but then there wasn't really anything to blame anyone for. However, as this is Optimistic October, I shall do my best to mention something I'm trying to do more consistently that definitely helps towards my own mental health improvement goals. Also, hopefully you won't detect any virtue-signalling. Excellent.
One thing that pops up on twitter now and then is the (generally quite good) advice that one should apologise less in emails. You know, the one that suggests instead of typing "sorry for the delay," you should replace it with something like "thanks for your patience". I'm getting better at that, and in genuinely removes a little bit of that self-flagellation which it is so easy to surreptitiously in all areas of our lives.

Well, the same idea works in the opposite direction. If someone takes a while getting back to you, then absolutely nothing is gained by getting grumpy over it. Suck it up. Provide some suggestions. Set some deadlines for actionable, well-defined targets. Be clear, concise, informative and decisive.

If something goes wrong, apportioning blame very rarely helps matters. If others are wasting time blamestorming, let them get on with it while you set about actually doing something instead. Stick up for yourself more than you tend to*, and stick up for others even more than that, especially if they're in a less influential position than you are.

So ends today's sermon.

* Even, nay, especially against your own inner monologue. If you're anything like me, they're the worst.

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